Softball Bylaws


Chadron Girls’ Softball Association


Article I




The purpose of the Chadron Girls Softball Association is:

A.     To operate a nonprofit girls fast pitch softball association.

B.     To promote girls softball in Chadron, Nebraska, by developing skilled players, promoting fun and team spirit, promoting healthy competition, and promoting and teaching good sportsmanship to all players, coaches, parents, and fans.

C.     To ensure girls have the opportunity to play softball throughout their school years.


*Chadron Girls Softball Association (referred to herein as CGSA)

*Board of Directors (referred to herein as Board or BOD)

*Members refers to registered players, parents, coaches)






Section 1:  The Board of Directors shall consist of not more than nine members; four of these members will serve as elected officers. 


Section 2:  Each member of the Board of Directors will serve for two (2) years with the election taking place at the November general monthly meeting.  Election to an Elected Officer position will extend membership on the Board for the term of that position.  There will be no term limits.  Beginning at the November 2005 election, only one member of any family shall be a voting member of the board.


Section 3:  Any member desiring to resign shall submit their resignation in writing to the Secretary, who shall present it to the Board for action.


Section 4:  Vacancies will be filled by the signed or verbal recommendations of one board member, seconded by another member, and by a two-thirds vote of the members.  Vacancies shall filled by individuals who have been actively involved in the softball program as a committee member, coach, team parent, or active volunteer for at least one season prior to seeking a spot on the board.



Section 5: When board terms expire, any board member or any CGSA member attending the November meeting may make nominations for positions on the board.


Article III




Section 1 – The officers of CGSA shall be a Program Director, Assistant Director, Secretary and Treasurer. 


Section 2 – The officers of the board shall be elected from the board membership by a majority of the Board.  The term of office shall be two (2) years.  There will be no term limits.


Section 3 – Any vacancy because of death, resignation, removal, or otherwise vacated shall be filled by the Board for the non-expired portion of the term.


Article IV




Section 1 – A board member may be removed from the board and forfeit their position as elected office for failing to carry out expected duties or conduct detrimental to CGSA.  To remove a board member, a written complaint must be presented to the Board.  The complaint will be reviewed and investigated by the Board.  If, and only if, sufficient justification exists, a hearing will be held.  A vote of two-thirds of all Board Members is required for the dismissal of a member.


Article V




Section 1 – Each member of the Board of Directors shall be entitled to one vote.  In the event of a tie, the Director will cast the deciding vote.  All issues shall be decided by a majority vote of the Board of Directors except as otherwise be provided in these bylaws.


Section 2 – Proxy voting shall be allowed at all duly convened Board meetings within the CGSA provided the proxies are in writing.  These written proxies shall include the date and the issue being voted on, and shall be submitted to an officer in order to be valid.






Article VI




Section 1 – The Board shall meet monthly except for the months of June, July, August, and December.  Meetings will take place as posted on the Chadron Slammers website at 7:30 p.m. or as otherwise published at a meeting place designated on the website publication.  A quorum shall consist of at least one half (1/2) of the board members.  Additional meetings may be held as needed.


Section 2 – Meetings shall be held at any location designated by the Program Director.  All members shall be notified.   All meetings shall be open to the public. 


Article VII




Section 1 - The Secretary shall keep a written record of the meetings.  In the absence of the Secretary, the Director shall appoint another Board Member present to fulfill this duty.  These minutes shall be approved and made official at the following Board of Directors meeting.


Article VIII




Section 1:


The CGSA Board of Directors duties shall be inclusive of, but not limited to:


A.     The general administration of the association’s affairs.

B.     Setting player fees and confirming eligibility.

C.     Establishing supplemental playing rules in addition to ASA governed rules.

D.     Establishing guidelines for league play.

E.     Establishing guidelines for tournament teams.

F.      Preparing an annual budget

G.    Making final decisions regarding disciplinary actions of CGSA members.

H.     Completing background checks and appointment of coaches.

I.        Settling any grievances submitted by CGSA members.







Section 2:


Duties of Program Director:


          The Program Director will supervise all affairs of the organization; preside over all meetings of the Board; sign all official documents of the organization; break ties in voting matters, and serve as ex-official member of all committees.


Section 3:


Duties of Assistant Director:


          The Assistant Director will perform the duties of the Director in the event of the inability of the Director to act.  The Assistant Director shall act as liaison between committees and the Board.  The Assistant Director shall perform other duties as assigned by the Director or the full Board.


Section 4:


          Duties of the Secretary:


          The Secretary shall record all minutes of meetings and maintain a file of all correspondence, forms, and documents pertinent to the activities of CGSA.  The Secretary shall perform other such duties, as the Board of Directors shall prescribe.


Section 5:


          Duties of the Treasurer:


          The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds of the CGSA organization; receive and give receipts for moneys due and payable to the organization; deposit all moneys in the name of the organization, and pay all expenses upon the approval of the Board.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for providing a treasurer’s report at each meeting and for presenting a written financial report at the November board meeting.   The Treasurer shall also assist in helping prepare the budget and file any necessary papers with the IRS.







Article IX




The Board of Directors may appoint a chairperson for needed committees.  A chairperson may or may not be a board member.  Members of special committees do not need to be a member of the Board.  Each committee chairperson shall report activities to the Board as requested.  The chairperson may designate the members to assist with the committee.  One person may be chair of more than one committee as necessary.  The following committees may be established as needed each year.  Committees may be added as needed:


A.     Concessions Coordinator will:

-- be responsible for the effective operation, stocking, and maintaining of the concession stand.  The concession coordinator will submit a financial report at the May, September, and November meetings.


B.     Umpire Scheduler will:

--schedule umpires for all league and tournament games

--notify umpires of cancellations and rescheduling

--submit information to treasurer for payment of umpires


C.     Membership Chairman will:

--maintain the official CGSA member register with the current phone number and mailing address of each member. 

--organize the membership drive coordinating with Chadron Youth Baseball, if necessary.

--notify paper and schools of membership registration

--keep on file copies of birth certificates of members


D.     Fields and Equipment Director will:

--prepare a fields and equipment budget for approval by the Board of Directors.  This budget shall include but is not limited to:  balls, field equipment, uniforms, bats, and catcher’s equipment.

--check all equipment for safety

--be responsible for purchasing, issuing, collecting and storing all CGSA equipment

--submit an inventory to Board

--will arrange for the field to be prepared for games





E.     Fundraiser Coordinator/Publicity Director will:

--present ideas for approval by the Board

--organize committees to conduct fundraising

--notify members of fundraising events

--report results to the board

--schedule with sports editors of local newspaper and radio to recognize teams

--appoint someone from each team to handle publicity


F.      Uniform coordinator will:

--solicit and collect from sponsors

--show appreciation for sponsors

--order and distribute t-shirts to teams

--provide billing information to treasurer



G.    Directors of In-house leagues will:  (one each league age group)

--organize and compile team rosters

--distribute necessary paperwork

--organize parent meeting

--recommend coaches and assist in selection process

--organize coaches’ training

--complete and distribute schedules

--organize team pictures

--organize any end of the season awards, etc.

--work cooperatively with coaches


H.     Directors of Tournament Teams will:

--organize any needed interviews and selection of coaches

--report to Board, as necessary

--organize try-outs, if necessary

--enforce all rules and regulations of CGSA.

--organize tournaments

--obtain necessary paperwork for state tournaments

--make sure travel teams are equipped with uniforms and equipment












Article X




Article 1 – Officers of CGSA may be bonded at the board’s discretion.


Article XI




Article 1 – In order for a grievance to be addressed by the Board of Directors, it must be put in writing and given to any member of the Board of Directors.  The Board will then discuss the grievance and make any necessary decisions.



Article XII




Article 1 –

Coaches are subject to background checks and an interview by the Board or a committee or chairperson appointed for this purpose.  New coaches may be required to complete training in the basic fundamentals and philosophies as set forth by the Board. This may require up to four hours of training. Coaches will also be required to sign a Code of Ethics and Sportsmanship.  Failure to abide by this code can result in removal as a coach.  Interested parties may be recommended by board members or league coordinators or may submit a request in writing to the Board.  A two-thirds majority must approve coaches, and the league coordinator of the program for the specific age group or the Tournament Team Director will break ties.  High School softball players may be appointed as assistant coaches for league teams at the discretion and under the supervision of the high school coach.



Article XIII




Article 1 – All coaches will be approved as above set forth.


Article 2 – All coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their team, assistant coaches, their players and their players’ parents.


Article 3 – Tournament team head coaches will be responsible for all of the CGSA softball equipment and uniforms.  The uniforms and equipment will be turned in no later than thirty days following their last game of the season.


Article 4 – All players who desire to play on a tournament team in their age group will be accepted on a tournament team unless there are more than twelve (12) players who wish to play in each age group.  In that circumstance, the Board of Directors will make a decision on whether to hold a try-out or form additional teams.


Article 5 –  In the event that players from nearby towns request to play on a Chadron tournament team, the Board will make a decision whether or not to accept the request based on the needs of the team and participation numbers in that age group.  The coach of the tournament team will break any ties in voting regarding this decision.


Article 6 – Both parents and the daughter must sign and date the “Traveling Teams Parent/Daughter Commitment Form.”


Article XIV




Article 1 – Refunds – CGSA will refund any registration fees received by players prior to the first game should said player decide not to play or is not able to play.  If a player has participated in one or more games, no refund will be given unless approved by the Board for special circumstances.


Article XV




These bylaws may be changed if a proposal is presented in writing at any board meeting and approved by a 2/3 vote at two consecutive meetings.


Adopted by the CGSA Board of Directors this  _____ day of __________, 2005.


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